01 June 2011

In Tijdschrift Vervoer & Recht 2011-1, Neels considers whether the Rotterdam Rules is able to accomodate modern transport practices, such as door-to-door transport, containerization and the use of electronic transport documents.

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11 January 2011

In Annales de l'Institut Méditerranéen des Transports Maritimes, 2010, Ibrahim considers the Arab World's persective on the Rotterdam Rules.

31 December 2010

In an article published in the Dutch law journal Tijdschrift Vervoer & Recht (TVR), Prof. Thomas considers the liability regimes under the Rotterdam Rules with regard to deck cargo and dangerous goods. He criticizes the micro-liability regimes for deck cargo and dangerous goods as currently applied in the international conventions, including the Rotterdam Rules.

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01 October 2010

In a chapter of The Law Relating to Carriage of Goods by Sea (edited by Thomas), Informa, London, 2010, Chua "considers the implications of the Rotterdam Rules for port or marine terminal operators who have hitherto relied on the protection conferred on them by Himalaya clauses but whose role is evolving in modern shipping".

02 December 2009

The CMI International Working Group on the Rotterdam Rules has published a Q&A on the Rotterdam Rules.

The International Working Group thought it would benefit all involved to make a Q&A list that coincides with the Signing Ceremony and to correct occasional misunderstandings.

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