02 July 2013

The Dutch government recently informed Dutch Parliament that it will soon start tot prepare the necessary bills to ratify the Rotterdam Rules. This promise came after the Dutch Maritime and Transport Law Association had written a letter to the Minister of Security and Justice, calling for ratification by the Netherlands.

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30 May 2013

The Dutch Minister of Security and Justice has asked the governments of Belgium, France, Germany and the United Kingdom to comment on their intentions to ratify the Rotterdam Rules.

09 April 2013

The Dutch administration has made a promise to the Dutch parliament to try and convince other important shipping jurisdictions to ratify the ‘Rotterdam Rules’ treaty. The Dutch administration is still convinced of the positive effects the treaty would have on the shipping sector, but will not initiate a ratification process unless other important jurisdictions, such as the United States, China and Germany, will do the same. The treaty will enter into force after 20 state have ratified it.

11 October 2011

A group of professors are worried the Rotterdam Rules will never enter into force and call upon Brussels to redraft the Convention.

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01 January 2011

In Lloyd's List of 27 August 2009, the Rotterdam Rules  and the opposition of some groups of European shippers and freight forwarders were discussed. Why do we need the Rotterdam Rules?

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30 May 2010

Lloyd's List reports on the push for ratification by the EU. Brussels wants Member  States to "speedily sign, ratify and implement the Rotterdam Rules".

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05 February 2010

The Dutch government released the following press release. "During a meeting held in the context of the Arab League in Alexandria, Egypt, the 21 Arab member countries were called on to join the Rotterdam Rules (2008). This represents a clear signal from Arab countries that they recognise the importance of globalisation and modernisation for international maritime transport."

01 September 2009

Lloyd's List of 1 september 2009  reports on the position of P&I Clubs. Athough some costs are expected to rise after ratification, according to this article the Clubs believe that the single liablity regime of the Rotterdam Rules will speed up claims payment and reduce claims in the long run.

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